In the last two weeks of the Influencers program. I talked about Powerlikes and interaction series. We got a lot of concerns about these two kinds of hacks. Some people understood and others did not. In this blog post, I discuss the exact operation of these two hacks, as well as the mechanical mechanisms behind them, composed of advantages and disadvantages.


Personally, I used Powerlikes myself, which allowed me to get one of my best engagement rates so far, with 1.2 million impressions.

So, what are Powerlikes

Powerlikes is a system where gigantic accounts with millions of fans like your photos on Instagram. These guys will definitely like your photos within 15 minutes of posting to Instagram.

Are these tastes real?

Well, the answer is yes, they come from real energy accounts. These accounts get real followers and daily involvement.

Only active accounts are enabled to join the Powerlikes system. These are just active and real accounts and already have a tracking that is always much better with the Instagram algorithm.

Powerlikes crash

– Likes from millions of followers
– As from 10K accounts up
– Magnet fast and responsive to your new messages
– Filter very active accounts
– I like the ranking on Instagram Algorithm much better
– Increases the possibility that publications reach the explorer page

Engagement Tours

The commitment rounds are totally different from Powerlikes, you can start a commitment round at a specific time of the day. They are usually set at one of the most active moments on Instagram. Rounds are basically a group of accounts that get involved at specific times to enjoy your most recent photos. The use of towers will certainly improve your account and increase your reach somewhat. Nevertheless, this is much more difficult to put in place.

They will ask you to perform additional tasks, such as comment teams and capsules, to make your job fully profitable. Indeed, the use of participation tours is not as effective as Powerlikes. With Powerlikes, accounts that provide the likes are validated for activity and involvement. Disadvantage of involvement rounds none of the accounts are verified Some accounts can have from 10 to 1,000 fans with a few messages often.

This will certainly help your posts to position themselves on the algorithm. One more thing to explain using engagement tours that you must provide likes. This can take a lot of time. You could be required to manually love 1500 more accounts within 90 minutes. The good thing about towers is if the hashtags. There is still an opportunity to increase the reach of your account and potentially access the explorer page.

How the breakdown of engagement groups.

– Like arbitrary accounts.
– Do not count in your niche.
– Preferences could come from dead accounts.
– Rounds are at established times.
– Need to use feedback rounds for performance.


Powerlikes are much easier to set up than engagement groups, but both are worth the job!

Keep up the good work and see you next week.